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Top Readers Honored by Hazelwood City Officials

Hazelwood’s Top 10 Readers of ‘Reading is Elementary’ Honored – (Front Row, left to right) Russell Conley, Elysia McClain, Kellen Brixey, Avery Hardrict, Kendon Whitehead, Miriam Neimand, Esther Homes, and Alexander Holmes. (Back Row, left to right) HCEC member Nancy Senter, HCEC member Karen Rahmberg, HCEC member Steve Rahmberg, Geoffrey Hopping, and Mayor Matthew Robinson.

The Top 10 Readers of Hazelwood’s “Reading is Elementary” program were recognized at a recent Hazelwood City Council meeting.  As program participants, they kept track of their reading minutes from September 2011 to July 2012.

Sponsored by the Hazelwood Community Enrichment Commission in partnership with the Hazelwood Parks and Recreation Program, the “Reading is Elementary” program helps young people develop an appreciation for reading.  Like with any other skill, reading requires constant practice and diligence. Good reading skills are a key factor in improving academic achievement.

The “Reading is Elementary” program is held three times a year during the following seasons: fall; winter/spring; and summer.  Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade are eligible to participate.  They can pick-up a registration form at either the Hazelwood Community Center, 1186 Teson Road in White Birch Park, or Civic Center East, 8969 Dunn Road.  With their parents’ assistance, they can fill it out and drop it off at either recreation facility.  For every 300 minutes of reading, they earn $1 credit toward the recreation program of their choice.

The fall reading program is scheduled to occur from September 1 to November 16.  Kids can pick-up their registration forms for this round at both recreation facilities in mid-August.  Check the new Hazelwood Parks and Recreation Fall 2012 Activity Guide, scheduled for mail delivery to local residences in early August, for more details.  All submitted registration forms will be entered into a drawing for a pizza party held on Friday, November 30, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The deadline for turning in registration forms is November 16.

Top 10 Winners of the Year

Russell Conley – 3,885 minutes

Kendon Whitehead – 2,700 minutes

Kellen Brixey – 2,465 minutes

Brandon Lynch – 2,260 minutes

Geoffrey Hopping – 2,170 minutes

Elysia McClain – 1,513 minutes

Alexander Holmes – 1,380 minutes

Avery Hardrict – 1,330 minutes

Miriam Neimand – 1,025 minutes

Esther Homes – 1,020 minutes


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