Tornadoes Make You Think and Worry Also

By Randy Gardner

First off, it really seems like sports do not mean much when something like the tornadic storms happen in the world like the ones that we saw here over the past week or so and in Oklahoma It really puts things into perspective when you stop and think about it.

People get so worked up over things like teams winning and losing and get carried away with stats and such when what really matters is life and death and protecting each other. What is really scary is that you never know when occasions like this are going to pop up.

Just look at the Cards game the other night, there were possibly 40,000 exposed to a possible tornadic threat. What do you do and how do you prepare. I know the ballpark has circumstances for these occasions but anything can happen. It is really a scary thought.

I know many of you had the opportunity to go to the World Soccer Match at Busch Stadium and all I have heard was positive things about it. Myself, I laid on the couch and watched it with my boys and man what a game it was. Everyone got their monies worth in this one. If you left early, shame on you. You missed it.

Let’ s all Chip in a Quarter For MLS Team

I really think that this shows the MLS that a team could and would be supported here in St. Louis. The team would have to be orchestrated perfectly from ownership to stadium placement. I really think it would be successful and I would even be willing to put up some of my own money as a backing partner up to 25 dollars, that’s my max. I have 3 kids remember.

But if we got 25 dollars from 50,000 people we could own the franchise as a fan based ownership group. Oh doing my math, that’s only $1,250,000. That’s only enough to get one really good player for one year. Okay, maybe my plan isn’t so good. Let’s leave it to the millionaires and billionaires to find a way to get a team here.

Remembering Deacon Jones

My regards to Deacon Jones’ family, formerly of the Los  Angeles Rams and Fearsome Foursome. Deacon Jones passed away this week  and when you stop and think about legends of the game, he definitely comes to mind. You cannot see an NFL highlight from years ago without him being in them.

It is really sad to see athletes that you grew up watching; now dying. It’s like the end of an era or the sign that you are getting older. I think it is a bit of both.

Finally, make sure and join me and get a team together for the Annual Trinity High Golf Tournament at Winghaven Country Club on June 10, starting at 1pm. Call Dan Grumich for more team and sponsorship information at 314-741-1333.


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