Wal-Mart Moves Closer To Approval After City Council Gets Amendments

By Carol Arnett

First Wal-Mart tried Tax Increment Financing (TIF), then a Community Improvement District (CID), and the city council denied both. Now the retail giant is moving forward with plans for a store in Florissant that will be built without tax incentives or government help.

The council held a second reading Monday night on a bill that would allow the store to build in the city at a site east of Lowe’s near the intersection of Lindbergh and New Halls Ferry Road. Jeff Otto represented Wal-Mart and answered questions from the council.

One big concern was the above ground water detention that Wal-Mart is proposing. Councilwoman Karen McKay noted that she has seen several above ground systems that look bad. “They collect trash,” she said. She also noted that the detention are would be surrounded by what she called an “ugly fence.”

The council approved an amendment to require underground detention.

Councilman Joe Eagan expressed concerns about the store being open 24 hours. While he noted that he supports the  amendment, he also stated the he is concerned, as a police officer, that the store will sell weapons and ammunition all night long. He asked Jeff Otto if there were any plans to close sections of the store at late night hours.

Otto responded that the only portions of the store that would close would be the pharmacy. He said that other 24- hour Wal-Marts keep the firearm department open all night.

Eagan also asked if there were plans to keep a security guard on duty at night. Otto responded that there were not currently plans for it, but if there were problems, the store could add a guard. Eagan proposed an amendment requiring that a guard be on site between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. The council approved the amendment.

The council will vote on the bill at the next council meeting on April 9.


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One Response to “Wal-Mart Moves Closer To Approval After City Council Gets Amendments”

  1. mrtsportsguy Says:
    March 29th, 2012 at 10:36 am

    The CID was never denied. It was withdrawn from the proposal. it seems like it is getting closer though come on city concil and wal mart pass this development and get to work.


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