Which Loss Was The Toughest: Rams or Tigers

By Randy Gardner

What a long weekend for sports fans of St. Louis especially football fans as both the Rams and the Missouri Tigers gave their games away in two totally separate fashions. First off on Saturday night, the Tigers played Syracuse and kept it close all night long but gave it away at the very end on an Orangeman pass for a td in the end zone.

I was emceeing a trivia night and as you know you can’t have a cell phone at a trivia night so I was constantly updating the score for everyone. I looked at it near the end and within 10 second of refreshing the screen, the loss popped up. How unfortunate for a team that really needs a few big wins in this first SEC season. I am very curious to see or hear what people think about the Tigers first year, is it a learning year for them or is it a big disappointment?

Now the  Ram  loss  was in a totally different fashion as they just got it handed to them. The opening drive was great and I thought was going to set the tone but then they fell apart. The Quarterback controversy that they are having with the Jets and Mark  Sanchez and Tim Tebow, I thought would be a distraction and a chance for the Rams to steal a win,  but Sanchez, to his credit, put it all together. The score was 27-13 but the stats and the game said it could  have been 50-13. Same question  with the Rams are that they’re  young and under a new coach, so give them a break. Or  is it just another disappointing season for this franchise.

Check Out MLS Finals

I know there are alot of soccer fans out there and I hope that you are following the MLS playoffs. On Sunday night, David Beckham and the LA Galaxy beat the Seattle Sounders in Seattle. If you haven’t watches a game over the past few years, you might want to. The game had over 50,000 people in 39 degree rainy weather chanting and cheering the entire game.

Maybe Rams fans can learn a thing or two from watching. It is okay to cheer and have fun at a game. They are not dancing around to keep warm either, its always a balmy 70 degrees in the dome. The finals will be on Sunday with Houston  playing  LA Galaxy. Check it out, it should be a good one. 

Holidays Came Early at  the Gardners

Finally, I know this is a bit off the subject but cheers to everyone who already have their Christmas decorations up. I put mine up about a week ago with the nice weather and have heard nothing but negative comments  from neighbros and othes about putting up stuff so early. When is to early? Am I in the wrong. I tried to capitalize on the nice weather, the roof is a dangerous place in the cold wet weather.

Any way, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Remember the meaning of this day and give Thank.  Then enjoy the Turkey  and all the trimmings,  watch some football—and try to stay awake.

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