Who Do Like in Super Bowl? I’m Going with Brady


By Randy Gardner

It seems like there are two spectrums of fans for the Super Bowl on Sunday. The people who are really interested in one of the two teams and the people who don’t really give a darn. I would have to say that I have never seen such a disparity in caring who wins this game.

As far as my personal opinion, I think it is really cool that Atlanta is playing so well and that they are a team that is not always in the big game.

They don’t have a team that is filled with superstars but with guys who put in a lot of hard work on a weekly basis such as Julio Jones and Matt Ryan.

On the other side of the ball with New England, you have some big names along with some younger guys, but they always seem to get it done. Whether you like Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady or hate them, you have to admit that they are really good at designing a game plan and implementing it

. They’re also comes into play the fact that Brady will be going for a record five Super Bowl’s, that is pretty cool with that itself. I had a chance last night to watch some of the opening-night Super Bowl interviews and whether you like him or hate him, Brady is one of those guys that seems to be pretty down to earth. It’s not about him it’s about the team and everyone else. Or at least to make it seem that way.

I like the fact that Brady seems to be a humble family guy, you don’t see him in the news out doing crazy things or stirring up controversy. He seems to be impractical family guy with a pretty good values. If I had to go out on a limb, I say Patriots over the Falcons in a close one, 24-21.

What’s next step for MLS here

You all know that I am a soccer fanatic and all of the MLS talk is driving me crazy. What is it all about. You have to look at this from a sensible situation. Will the new team if it comes recoup their cost. If taxpayers are involved, will it bring revenue to St. Louis. If the answer if yes then there it is. Just let the public decide on what should be done.

I am so afraid of the MLS looking at St. Louis now as a City that cannot make up its mind. Could that sway their opinion, maybe. It seems to be all coming to a head now so we will see over the next few months what will happen. I am really excited but not letting it show right now. I don’t want to be disappointed.

How about your New Years resolutions, are they totally forgotten about now or are you still on hyperdrive with them? Remember guys and gals, swimsuit season is only a few months away. You still have time. If you are not happy with yourself only you can change it. That goes for every aspect of your life from finances to fitness. It’s all up to YOU.

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